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The days of being on your hands and knees to clean your floor, tile, and grout are gone! The same Citrus Cleaners that we use to give the rest of your house a natural clean will go to work on your tile and grout for you.

No slop & mop here. Our Turbo Clean, high pressure rinse breaks down the dirt off your tiles and forces water beads deep into the micro pores of the grout. So, all the dirt and grease gets flushed out without damaging your beautiful floors and countertops.


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We don’t mess around with dirt:

  1. Sweep: Good old-fashioned sweeping will remove all the surface dirt particles.
  2. Pretreat: We loosen the deep down dirt and grime buildup with our all-natural citrus cleaner.
  3. Rinse: Then our Turbo Rinse cleanses your tile and grout, restoring them to their original brightness and spotlessness.


Seal the deal

With our optional tile and grout sealing, you can keep your tile and grout looking like new for even longer! And the best time to do it is right after we’ve cleaned. Don’t wait, we’ll even do it all in one appointment!

  • Citro Clean has been cleaning our office, personal homes and our clients’ homes for over eight years. The quality is unparalleled to any other carpet cleaner we used in the past. With their fast drying time and a deep clean, we have been able to save our clients from giving a carpet allowance when selling their home.

    Jim Emery – Coldwell Banker – Friendly Hills

  • We have white carpet, three kids and pets. Citro Clean never falls short of giving us back clean, fresh and new-looking carpets. They are on the leading edge of carpet cleaning with their fast drying time. Other companies we’ve used left our carpet soaking wet for one to two days. Citro Clean is the best company we have ever dealt with.

    Steve and Rory Rodriguez – Friendly Hills

  • My wife said for a present, she would like the carpets cleaned. I thought I would try Citro Clean. I was impressed with how they worked and the results they produced. When my wife saw the carpets, she was ecstatic. We both agreed that we had never had this good of cleaning and the carpets haven’t looked this good since they were new. The carpets were cleaned early afternoon and were dry by the time she got home at 5:00. Wow! These guys made me a hero. My wife was blown away at how good the carpets look! I wrote the testimonial, but certainly echo her feelings. When she came home tonight, she was impressed all over again. The service and results certainly live up to the claims in the brochure and flyer.

    R Wilson – Tustin

  • We have had City to City clean our carpets for about five years and liked the quality of carpet cleaning they do. In October of ’06, I scheduled our regular carpet cleaning and was told that City to City had a new citrus cleaner to clean carpets. I was very leery about using the Citro Clean System on our carpets, but had the carpets done anyway because of our past history with City to City.

    We are very happy we did. The carpets are cleaner than ever, dried faster, smell better and three months later the walkway areas are still very clean.

    Keith and Diana Welker – Cypress

  • So often we eagerly complain about poor service, but we forget to praise exceptional service – so I am going to reverse that. Yesterday, I had my carpet cleaned at home and am blown away by the results. Great service, clean carpet that dried very quickly and a small dent in the billfold. Last year, I had the same job done by a nationally-known company that drives a black truck with gold letters for three times the money and with less-than-spectacular results.

    Betty Werner – Senior Associate Athletics Director – Loyola Marymount University

  • The carpets are absolutely awesome! I mean that…. I could not believe how good they looked. I had previously told Sandra to just forget trying to clean them. I thought it would be a waste of time. But WOW! Thank you!

    Brett Sturgill – Fullerton